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 "Strategic Life Architect" 

                                                                               "Our goal for you is that your life moves from habitual

and mediocre into gratifying, exceptional and extraordinary!"
  • Has life struggles, adversity, relationship issues or emotional distress caused you to stop cold in your tracks?   ​

  • Are you ready to move on from the pain both emotionally and physically?​

  • Are you considerably certain that what you’re doing now isn’t what you want, need or desire?

  • Do you feel stuck going around the "mountain"  time and time again not being able to be free from its ever exhausting control?​

  • Has life struggles, adversity, relationship issues or emotional distress caused you to stop cold in your tracks?   

​Then it's time to evaluate a new direction. Consider beginning a new season of life and progress.  Cherrie is not just a counselor or consultant but a Life Architect.  Her goal is to help create a life plan to move you forward into your preferred future while helping you remove any obstacles along the way.  

Let us provide you with the assistance you need to:

  • Identify the obstacles you are facing.

  • Discover your life's objective by removing the internal obstacles that have stopped you from moving forward.

  • Create a plan to attain your goals personal and business.

  • Create a strong emotional foundation that will never allow you to "go back".

Ready to take action?
Let’s talk!  


Online or in Person

It has become the norm to conduct coaching & counseling via videoconference. Clients and professionals alike find online services to be every bit as productive as in-person services for most situations.

  • Online video is convenient, time-efficient.  It saves our clients time and reduces the amount that they have to drive.

  • Online sessions actually feel more comfortable for some clients.

  • Receiving support online allows discerning clients to access specialists whose expertise is a great fit for their goals, regardless of geographic location.

Coaching for Individuals and Business

Coaching empowers you to clarify what matters most to you and to utilize your unique gifts & talents to become innovative about making positive changes in your life or business. Coaching may be a good fit for you if:

  • Your focus is on your present-day circumstances and your future potential, not on the things that have happened in your past

  • You want to focus on identifying solutions to your situation

  • You’re ready to take action but need guidance in identifying where to begin


Couples, Parents or  Single parents 

Do you have concerns about how your child is acting, changes in behavior or your child seems unsettled or restless? We may be beneficial if:

  • ​​
    • Your needing help in parenting

    • Your kid seems anxious, insecure or depressed.

    • You and your partner have recently separated or are having difficulties co-parenting.

Counseling for Individuals

Counseling may be the right option for you if you’re dealing with emotional issues, need guidance with the choices you’ve made, or have issues that you can’t discuss with even your friends. 

  • It helps to stop repeating patterns that have prevented you from moving forward.

  • Work through the challenges of intimate relationships or parenthood.

  • Learn to decrease stress, depression or anxiety and experience more happiness.

  • Healing old family wounds and navigating challenging relationships with loved ones.

  • Coping with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

  • Providing a safe place to grieve significant losses.


Build solid relationships & lasting intimacy

  • Do you two argue over little things only to feel distant and misunderstood when the issue goes unresolved?

  • Are you at odds with one another over how to parent the kids or how to juggle your other responsibilities?

  • Does your relationship feel unstable and uncertain following a loss of trust between you?

We may be able to teach you how to become closer and more a harmonious couple.

Your Consultation 

We want to help you clarify what you want out to accomplish or change over the course of the sessions.  The goals that you establish will guide the agenda for your future sessions. Most of our clients understand the initial consultation is NOT a quick fix in and of itself.   The challenges that we assist our clients through are not created overnight.  Likewise, they also may not be resolved overnight.  So the initial consultation does not “solve” anything.  Rather, it allows individuals and families who are motivated to make a change to create a plan of action.

The relationship you’ll build with your coach over time is often the bedrock of your self-growth. 

Please bring your calendar to your consultation. Appointments book up on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you determine that we are a good fit for you, you’ll want to schedule your follow up appointments. 

Preparing for Your Online Session

  • Fast Internet Connection

        For best results, please videoconference us from a room with a strong Internet connection.

  • Zoom or Facetime 

        Our video conference sessions are conducted on Zoom or Facetime.  This free platform provides our clients with confidential virtual meeting space.

  • Confidential Surroundings

        Last but certainly not least, interruptions and distractions work against getting the maximum benefit from your sessions. You will get the most out          of your video sessions when you recreate a conducive environment in your room:

              Ask others not to interrupt you during your session

              Secure a private room where you know your confidentiality will be protected and no one will walk in and/or lock the door

              Turn off telephone ringers, televisions, and any other distractions

              Provide care for your children during your online session so that you can focus on your session and not be forced to stop mid-thought to 

              accommodate interruptions

What others have said:

                      "As a counselor and coach, Cherrie Kaylor has a level of insight beyond many therapists I’ve worked and trained with. In consulting with her, I                        have found her wisdom and gift of discernment to be accurate and invaluable in unlocking barriers and identifying steps to equip clients                             throughout the healing process. She is experienced in identifying hidden areas of hurt and brokenness and subsequently able to introduce                           creative, healthy and effective interventions.  It will not take long before Cherrie, due to her vast knowledge and experience, will be more than sought after for direction in this arena of counseling and coaching. I am honored to recommend Cherrie Kaylor as one of the most impactful, life-changing counselors to spend time healing with and to watch as such a respected colleague excels in her destiny to impact many more lives."

                                                                                                                                     Holly Graham, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)



  • "Our relationship is back on track. I can't thank you enough."

  • "Why was this never taught to me when I was younger!?"

  • "My life has been changed. I can move forward now."

  • "I wish I had known this when I was raising my children."


“Cherrie’s work with our Garden Pathways mentoring program helped us move forward with greater effectiveness. She bought tremendous encouragement to our staff as she met with them one-on-one.” 

                                      Karen Goh,  Mayor Bakersfield, Ca.

About Cherrie

Cherrie Kaylor has over four decades of communication and professional training experience that includes national and international speaking, writing and working with Fortune 500 hundred companies.  Along with owning her own businesses, she has worked with the executives and employees of Sprint, Philips Electronics, and others, as a logistics and efficiency advisor to change morale, boost confidence and increase the profit margins.  Her consulting has saved companies thousands of dollars.

Her work as a certified executive and life coach as well as a personal counselor and advisor has changed lives for over 30 years.  She has a true gift for emotional healing.   Personal abuse, broken relationships, parenting issues, sexual trauma as well as life transformation are only some of the areas that she has proven results in.

She is a wife, mother and "nana" and known by many around the world as "momma Cherrie".  She is the Founder of Hope Makes a Difference a non-profit humanitarian project that provides for homeless children in third world countries and people living in poverty.

International Coach Federation ACSTH

Certified Executive and Staff Coach

Certified Life Coach

Co-founder of Rivergate Family Resource Center, Lauderhill, FL

Founder and Consultant of Kingdom Legacy, INC

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