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Our goal for you, is that your life moves from habitual and mediocre into gratifying and exceptional!


Are you unsure of what you want for the future?

Do you know what you want to get out of life but you’re not sure how to reach your goals?

Are you considerably certain that what you’re doing now isn’t what you want, need or desire?


Cherrie is a Life Architect.  She will create a life plan to move you forward into your prefered future.


Consider our "Life Coaching" sessions. Life or Executive coaching will help guide you in evaluating and deciding the best course of action to get you progressing towards life's or your business's next step.


A Life coach can provide you with the assistance you need to:


  • Find your life's objective.

  • Identify the obstacles you are facing.

  • Help you determine where you really want to be in life.

  • Create a plan to attain your goals.

  • Assist you in executing them

  • Create strong relationships.


Consider how much you could benefit from the help of a life coach?

Do you feel "stuck" and in need of direction to move forward in life?

Has life struggles, adversity, relationship issues or emotional distress caused you to stop cold in your tracks?

Then it's time to evaluate a new direction. Consider beginning a new season of life and progress with the services of The Legacy Center.

What others have said:

  • "Our relationship is back on track. I can't thank you enough."

  • "Why was this never taught to me when I was younger!?"

  • "My life has been changed. I can move forward now."

  • "I wish I had known this when I was raising my children."

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For more information: on from personal or marriage coaching/counseling please contact:

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If you are a current or new client please us the below Paypal buttons for you payments. 

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