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It’s that time of year again!

Time for ribbons of gooey melted sugary sweetness overflowing from your favorite desserts or snacks.

Orders only open for 2 weeks.

     Made Fresh!     

Christmas parties, gatherings and gifts. Yep, time to get your orders in for the infamous homemade “Crack Caramel Sauce” as it was named by several people.


For those of you that have tasted and have seen the light, you get it. For those of you that have not, well here’s your chance. These sauces are fantastic for coffee, topping on ice cream, fruits, pies, dipping sauces and more.


I used to create and sell holiday gift boxes for Doctor and Lawyer clientele. They would order holiday boxes for clients that included the gourmet caramel sauce. Needless to say it was my most requested item after the holidays and to this day!


(see funny quotes from customers below).

Bitter Sweet Chocolate





Holiday specials 
Large-16oz jar of either sauce for $18 

Small- 8 oz jar of either sauce for $10


Small duo -two 8oz jars for $18
Large Duo- two 16oz jars for $34

Local delivery (Acworth/kennesaw/dallas) $10
Pickup for free!

Holiday boxes 
2 large sauces in decorative box

  w/ festive packing -$45
2 small sauces in decorative box

  w/ festive packing -$28

If you are interested in buying several

for gifts to give away let’s talk, I’ve got you covered!

Shipping and delivery are on Fridays

and Tuesday’s 
Last date for shipping/delivery/pickup

is 12/18


Last date for shipping/delivery/pickup is 12/18

Order here for singles both            sizes.Shipping added at checkout

Order here for Duo and

Gift Wrapped. Shipping

added at checkout.

                         “I don’t know what you put in this but I’ve been drinking this with a straw, is that 

                          how you eat this?!?”

                          “I’ve gone through half a jar in 3 days just putting it in my coffee, I think

                         I might be addicted”

                        “This stuff is like crack for the sweet tooth”

"I may or may not have caught my health fanatic wife eating this with a spoon for breakfast."              Christmas Day txt- “ my husband wont stop eating and hiding this caramel stuff, he won’t even let me try it!! What’s in it?

“Absolutely amazing, would give my recommendation anytime you need it!" - David Martin Ruprecht 

    (Supermarket Sweep TV host)

“I’m going to need to place a order for a vat of this. Can you do that?” -Bill Johnson, Redding

"With spoon in hand, "This is healthy isn't it?" Beni Johnson, Redding


For question please email me at Stephanie@sweetenedhappiness.com

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